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This community was created for us, by us and with you, we hope to grow this space into something truly unique. With discussions and groups built by members, conversations meant to connect, exclusive virtual events hosted by inspiring thought leaders and so much more, this is your space. 

From cultivating your personal style, curating your career path to navigating motherhood and relationships, nothing is off limits because your life is beautifully diverse and we want to celebrate it. 

We’re excited to be here and we hope that you are too. 

Join us. Reimagine what community means. 

Welcome to the TCFStyle Lounge

We’ve Been There…

Let’s be real—If you have lived your life in a plus body then you get it. You understand the nuances. You can relate to others who have experienced life in a larger body and sometimes you just want to be amongst those that… GET it. 

Has shopping and curating your style been a challenge at times due to a lack of inclusive options? 

Are you frustrated with the lack of representation in the media? 

Do you want to celebrate collectively when a brand extends their sizes or a new brand emerges in this space? 

Are you ready to champion and offer support and encouragement to those on their journey to body love? 

Do you love celebrating the success of women in the plus space making waves and blazing trails?  

Have you ever wanted to cultivate and fellowship with women who understand life in a body like yours? 

Are you ready to join us?

Here, at the TCFStyle lounge, You’ll Find:​

he VIP Experience

Topical Conversations

Join a community of women who will stand by you in tough times, build you up every. fricken. day.

VIP Events

Start living your life with more purpose, passion, and excitement!

Local Chapters

Tap into the resources necessary to make moves towards your goals.

Resources & Deals

Feel connected, inspired, encouraged, equipped, and more than anything, CONFIDENT in this life your building.

Taking TCF Deeper, at the TCFStyle Lounge, we are reimagining… 

welcome to the TCFStyle Lounge- our membership community




…And so much More!​

Hey, Boo!

Hello! I am Marie Denee, creator of The Curvy Fashionista and the TCFStyle Lounge and I’m sharing why this community matters to me- and maybe to you. I was always the one who marched to my own beat, who was a self-professed nerd, and was always looking to “fit in” to the cool kids’ club. I was seeking acceptance, looking to belong, and lost myself along the way. Through therapy and building my own community, I eventually recognized my own dopeness- that I am enough, PERIOD.

It took a minute for me to get there; with heartaches, mistakes, and lessons along the way- all challenging my mindset.

After 12 years of grinding, hustling, and trying to find that vision, here I am… in our 13th year of The Curvy Fashionista and we have pivoted. Not only did I realize that we have evolved into digital media platform, I recognized that our emerging community and nurturing this space is what Iwhat we all- need.

Not only did I NEED it, but I also needed YOU!

Through community events- The TCFStyle Expo, the TCFCruise, TCFSwim, and various anniversary parties, I witnessed something magical: Connection. Conversation. Community.

So, I thought to myself, how can I create a safer space to bring together others who I knew were on this journey too!? The 67%? The Silent Majority? Other plus size badass (because yes, YOU are) people who were looking for their home, their people, their community?! A community For Us, By Us?

The people of this community have become the heartbeat, the core, the motivation for us to elevate The Curvy Fashionista and I want you to experience the magic of that unwavering support that has seriously changed everything for me.

So Welcome, pull up a chair, and join the conversation! 

The TCFStyle Lounge Will Give You the SPace To:

Empower and Be Empowered

It takes a village but here’s yours. Learn from other women and gain the confidence you need to be the best version of yourself.

Share Your Story & Share Your Truth

You own your story and truth but here, there are other’s who have been down the same road. 

Network and Connect

Let’s shatter those glass ceilings together and connect with those in your industry because when one of us wins, we all win. 

Find Your Virtual BFF

No swiping left or right here, just real friendships and sisterhood. Connect with likeminded women. Reimagine friendship. 

Support, Motivate and Inspire

We all need support, especially now and we’ve created this space for women to share in a safe and positive space. 

Exclusive Perks

Get access to exclusive perks, and invites to intimate virtual events with industry thought-leaders. 

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